toolsShopping for tools can be a very satisfying experience. New tools feel empowering — even when they are as simple as claw hammers and screwdrivers. When you have them, you know that you have the power to do things that you didn’t before. A loose knob, a leaky faucet, a broken hinge and a loose table leg are suddenly no longer jobs to be left to the professionals. You can get in there yourself and get the job done quicker and cheaper. You won’t ever find yourself putting off a repair job and then seeing it become worse. The right tool for the job is a beautiful thing.

Tool purchases require some thought, planning and understanding of what to invest in. This is where your local Ace Hardware at Toco Hills comes in. We don’t just carry a full range of the best tools from Craftsman, Stanley and DeWalt; we have the best home improvement experts on hand to help you select tools that are right for you, too.

At Ace Hardware, we make it easy for you to ask questions

At Ace Hardware, we want you to fall in love with your tools and with working with your hands. The tool aisles at Ace Hardware at Toco Hills are a lot more than just row after row of shiny implements. Everywhere you look, you will find a qualified technician/salesman who wants nothing more than to answer your questions. You’ll find yourself asking more questions than you usually come up with. It’s only natural when you begin to sense that questions are welcome.