The Paint Studio

aceWhether it’s the interiors or exteriors of your home that you wish to update, a coat of paint is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to do it. Color and finish are powerful ways of altering the way a space is perceived. You do need high quality paint and materials, though, and expert help making the right choices. Ace Hardware has been in the hardware and paint business for 87 years. There’s no one better that you can turn to for such assistance, than The Paint Studio at Ace Hardware.

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The Paint Studio: we know paint well because we make it

The Paint Studio at Ace Hardware stocks a full range of paint, stain and materials by major brands in the business: Paint by Valspar, Clark+Kensington and Royal, and stain by Cabot and Minwax among others. We believe, though, that to know how to best help our customers, we need to get in deeper. At The Paint Studio, we innovate in paint manufacture, as well.

Clark+Kensington, our award-winning paint range that blends paint and primer, is the result of our years of experience helping people achieve better results in their home improvement projects. Blending these components helps us ensure higher quality paint finishes that leave less to chance. The idea is so new that we’ve been ranked number one in the manufacture of paint materials by a leading consumer magazine.

Interior design and high fashion

While our experience in the painting field has helped us push the envelope of current paint technology, we wanted to bring our customers even more. We’ve joined hands with OPI, the world’s premier nail lacquer brand among beauty salon professionals. OPI has worked with us to bring their matchless expertise in high fashion nail lacquer color to our paints. It’s an innovative approach that brings OPI’s well-loved nail lacquer shades to the living room. These are colors unlike anything you’ve seen in a range of interior paints before. Clark+Kensington is the first of its kind in the industry to offer these shades to the home decorating public.

Our customers love us because they know they can count on us

Customers come to Ace not just because we have the most complete and innovative range of paints and painting materials for them, but also because they can count on us for patient, expert help and advice on any matter that’s related to paint and decor. We know that decorating your home is supposed to be a joyous experience. It’s supposed to be about looking forward to an exciting and fun time. We make sure that it really does happen that way.