Lawn & Garden

Neighbors trying to outdo one another have traditionally gone as far as building large, showy decks and patios. Today, though, they’ve upped the ante. You can’t impress a neighbor unless you have an impressively landscaped lawn and a backyard garden. Rivalries have never been healthier, and we at Ace Hardware at Toco Hills couldn’t be happier. If you’re starting a healthy organic garden for the first time, you can come to us anytime you need advice or help.

We can tell you how you can beautify your outdoors with great plants, flowers and a vegetable garden. We can show you how to plant, weed, water and prune, and do it on your budget, with equipment you’ll enjoy using.

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Organic gardening

Your garden is the place where your whole family goes to unwind. Chemical-free soil nutrients are important to organic gardening, too. It’s easy to use compost and other soil friendly materials to keep your plants well-fed. At Ace Hardware, our line from Farmer D Organics gives you great composting tools, materials and containers to start you off.

If you have arthritis

For seniors looking forward to a quiet time raising their own beautiful garden at home, arthritis often gets in the way. This is where Farmer D Organics comes in. Ace hardware carries their full line of raised planters, potting tables and flower beds on legs that can help create a raised garden. The less bending there is, the easier it is on the joints. Arthritis-friendly garden tools make gardening a lot easier, too.

Ace Hardware has everything you need for a wonderful garden

All you need are the right kinds of tools and techniques. Come over to your local Ace Hardware location in Toco Hills. We’re here to help you with all the advice and materials that you need.