Echo Outdoor Power Equipment

image002If you work outdoors even occasionally, you owe it to yourself to check out the range of Echo Outdoor Power Equipment at Ace Hardware of Toco Hills. Echo’s professional line of chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers, edgers, trimmers, and brush cutters are built to the company’s legendary standards for lightweight construction, power, durability and safety-conscious design.

Just how good is Echo’s equipment? Every unit comes backed by an industry beating five-year warranty. To see how solidly built Echo outdoor equipment is, you should come down to Ace Hardware in Toco Hills to see, touch and feel it for yourself.

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What Echo’s outdoor equipment can do for you

Echo blowers: Echo’s models come in both handheld and backpack-mounted versions. If noisy leaf blowers are banned in your neighborhood, you’ll have a much better time persuading your neighbors to soften their stand when you have an Echo model. They are much quieter than such equipment has been in the past.image003

Echo chainsaws: Chainsaws can be of great utility to homeowners with even small yards. Models start at just a couple of hundred dollars, and they make life much easier for the homeowner who needs to trim tree limbs or cut up firewood when camping. If you worry about value for your money, you can do no better than an Echo. These chainsaws are certified for the longest serviceable life of any chainsaw brand.

Echo equipment offers a legendary reliability (and so does Ace)

Built with advanced metals, cutting-edge polymers and materials that you don’t find on other brands, Echo’s powered equipment offers efficiency, power and safety that stay with you for the long haul.

Ace Hardware is a Signature Elite dealer for Echo equipment. We’re certified to offer the best full-service customer support in the industry, a wide range of the company’s products, and sales help by personnel to help you make the right choice.

If you’re buying outdoor power equipment for the first time, Ace Hardware’s sales experts will advise you on the best model for your application.
They also make sure that your equipment is always in great shape. Ace Hardware of Toco Hills offers chainsaw sharpening services as well as a variety of accessories to keep your equipment running great season after season. We also offer precision-engineered premixed fuel with synthetic lubricants and advanced stabilizers that are specially made for your 2-cycle and 4-cycle outdoor power equipment. Our high-octane ethanol-free fuel protects your investment, saves you time, and helps your equipment run the way you need it to. Ace Hardware carries a variety of chainsaw blades as well as we can help with accessories to clean your power equipment prior to storing after each use.

Come down to Ace Hardware of Toco Hills to try some equipment out for yourself. We’ll make sure that you have exactly the right equipment to make your life simpler.