Discover the Birds in Your Backyard

image014Homeowners invest a great deal of time and money in landscaping their backyards and gardens today. A beautiful garden isn’t just about perfect hedges, grass and flowering plants anymore. It also needs lawn sculptures, stone benches and fountains. There is a final part that money can’t buy directly: local wildlife. Having a garden that is enthusiastically visited by local birds is the biggest badge of success that a gardener can have. It is also a great way to get involved in backyard birdwatching.

Going organic in the way you grow your garden is one important way to attract our feathered friends. A conventionally grown garden tends to be full of non-local plants and require chemical add-ins just to stay alive. It’s no surprise that they turn birds away. Once you go organic, you will also need to equip your garden with bird-friendly fixtures. This is where the birding department at your local Ace Hardware outlet at Toco Hills comes in.

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Ace Hardware knows its birds

The first thing that you need to do to attract birds to your garden is to learn what species are local to your area each month of the year. With this knowledge, you can design a garden that has something for each species that arrives through the year. In Atlanta, for instance, the ruby throat hummingbird is a warm weather visitor. Up until October each year, you’ll need feeders with sweetened water set out if you wish to attract them. Red-breasted nuthatches love Georgia around Christmas. In winter, they need feeders filled with suet, peanut butter and sunflower seeds. At Ace Hardware, we know what birds are known to come around and stock up on everything they need.

Ace Hardware has a full line of products for the bird-friendly gardener

Not only does Ace Hardware stock bird fountains, bird houses, baths and feeders, we offer a vast line of high-quality feeds, as well. If your garden becomes known for a plentiful supply of bird-specific food among birds that visit your area, your garden will be a draw to hundreds of birds. At Ace Hardware, we know how to make that happen for you.

Ace Hardware stocks Cole’s Wild Bird Feed, Audubon Wild Bird Feed, and C&S Wild Bird Suet

Generic birdseed is a blend of sunflower and safflower seeds, wheat, split peas and canary seed. Since these blends aren’t the natural food of most birds, you won’t attract too many species to your garden with them. To cater to every species that passes through the Atlanta area, you’ll need to offer the right kind wild seed: food that these birds have evolved to eat.

A feeder filled just with sunflower seed attracts blue jays, sparrows, cardinals and chickadees. A suet blend is great for woodpeckers, nuthatches and warblers. This is why at Ace Hardware, we carry a full line of Wild Bird Feed and Suet, researched specialty feed products for wild birds. Our sales experts can help you pick the exact products for the species that you wish to have visit your garden.

A garden that’s equipped for birding is a beautiful sight

Birding gardens tend to be a very attractive sight. A landscaping design that makes use of the thick hedges and shady growth that are needed to attract nesting birds is a very appealing one. Ornamental birdbaths, birdhouses, feeders and nest boxes tend to be wonderful touches, too. With the right buying advice, you will soon find birds of every description stopping over, too.

At Ace Hardware of Toco Hills, we love birds. If you want them flocking to your home, come to us. We can tell you how exactly to make it happen.