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The Big Green Egg is the genuine article: the original ceramic cooker in a design that’s been around for centuries. It is based on the design of the Japanese Kamado, a charcoal-fired clay oven traditionally used in Eastern cuisine. Built out of high-quality ceramics, the Big Green Egg faithfully reproduces the exact qualities that make the Kamado an indispensable part of eastern cooking. The results that you can achieve with an Egg can’t be duplicated with any other kind of cooking appliance.

Ace Hardware is a Gold Dealer for the Big Green Egg. Our Eggheads have years of experience cooking on the Egg and consider it a way of life. We have in stock the entire range of Big Green Egg models and virtually every accessory. We believe everyone should get to experience the amazing results you get with the Big Green Egg. We carry the entire range of Big Green Egg models and believe that everyone should get to experience the amazing results possible.

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Here’s what you can do on a Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is a versatile cooking appliance that can work wonderfully as a barbecue grill, as an oven and as a smoker.

As a grill: The Egg is capable of delivering temperatures in excess of 750°F for steakhouse-quality grilling results. You get to sear your steaks and pork chops to perfection, too. Equipped with two dampers for precise temperature control, the Egg allows you to achieve the exact results that you want. No matter what you want to cook, you can get it to turn out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with flavor that no other a grill can deliver.

As an oven: The Egg utilizes a device called the Plate Setter that delivers indirect heat to foods being cooked. You get to bake pizzas, pies and casseroles far better that you could in your kitchen oven. Many Egg owners give up their ovens altogether and use the BGE as their main baking and roasting appliance. Foods cooked in the Egg are more moist, more thoroughly cooked and tastier.

As a smoker: Every home should have a smoker. Flavors achieved through smoking simply cannot be matched in any other way. Built with insulating ceramics, the Egg allows spectacular low heat control — anywhere from 200°F to 350°F. Whether you’re smoking turkey, chicken, ribs or ham, you end up with delicious, smoke results that will make you want to give up every other kind of food.

The Big Green Egg could be the only cooker you ever need

The Big Green Egg can carry entire meals effortlessly: everything from appetizers to main courses and desserts. With models both large and small for every need, no one will need to go hungry, either. The XXLARGE model, for instance, is large enough to roast a whole suckling pig with its huge 672 square-inch grilling area, you’ll never short of space. There is even a model that is perfect for tailgating so you can still enjoy that same flavor while on the go.

We carry the full range of Big Green Egg accessories

From a variety of lump charcoal to choose from rubs, smoking woods, cooking tools, egg tables, custom islands and specialty cookware, we keep the entire range of Big Green Egg cooking needs in stock at all times. If you consider yourself a foodie, you can’t live without the Egg.